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Obituary for Claudette J. Hadad

Our dear and beloved mother and grandmother Claudette Jabara Hadad passed away on June 19, 2023. Claudette was born on February 28, 1935 in Grand Rapids, Michigan to Olga (Azkoul) and Saleem Jabara, joining older sister Delores and later joined by younger brother Paul. Her family moved to New York when she was a young girl, and settled in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. By all accounts, she was exceptional from the start-a blonde haired, green eyed tomboy that grew into a beautiful young woman. She was loved dearly by her parents, and the deep love and bond she shared with her brother Paul and sister Delores endured for their entire lives.

Claudette married the love of her life Henry Hadad Jr. on May 23, 1964. Henry went by the stage name Hank Hunter, and was the writer of many top 10 hits in the 50s and 60s. Claudette was a loving and supportive wife, and was deeply loved by Hank throughout their entire lives together until he passed in 2017. She formed close and lasting relationships with the entire Hadad family especially with Fred and Helen Hadad and their children, as well as devoted and life long friendships with wonderful friends from the Bay Ridge and Mt. Pocono communities.

They were joined by their son Henry in 1966 and daughter Suzanne in 1968. Claudette was an exceptionally devoted mother to her children-a wonderful and loving parent, guide and teacher to Henry, as well as a dedicated and loving caretaker to Suzanne for the past 5 decades. In 1994, Henry married Lara (Heck) and Claudette gained another daughter whom she loved dearly, and wonderful in-laws Bob and Christine Heck.

After losing her parents, her brother and sister, Claudette became the torch bearer for the Jabara and Azkoul families and was particularly active in keeping her brother Paul’s legacy alive as an entertainer and songwriter. Later in life, she reinvented herself into a music publishing executive, licensing the rights to her brother Paul’s songs such as Last Dance and It’s Raining Men, as well as her husband Hank’s songs, including Vacation and One Way Ticket To the Blues.

Claudette was so happy seeing her grandchildren Chris, Rob, Jack and Olivia enter the world and grow into exceptional adults. Claudette loved them all dearly, and has been a huge and enduring presence in their lives. One of Claudette’s great joys was attending the wedding of Rob and Janie (Adkins) earlier this month, and seeing them exchange the very same wedding bands shared by Hank and Claudette 59 years earlier.

Claudette’s mother Olga had a saying: “It all comes back to you, whatever you do” that was immortalized in one of Paul Jabara’s recordings. Claudette was a living example of these words, as she filled the world with love, laughter and happiness, and this has been reflected back in the outpouring of tributes and affection following her passing. She lives on in the hearts of those she loved and all who loved her.