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Obituary for Ellen Humienny (Mulligan)

Ellen Mulligan was born and raised in Perth, Scotland on June 6th, 1928 to David & Ann Mulligan which we called Annie. Ellen was the oldest child in the family followed by her 3 brothers, David, Kenny, Ronnie and her one sister Kathleen. Her Brother Kenny passed away in _____ and Kathleen Campbell (Mulligan) passed away in 2019.
In her teenage years, Ellen belonged to The Perth Atlantic Club with her sister and became a Gymnast with her sister Kathleen. Later on she worked at the Perthshire Advertiser Newspaper with her Mom “Annie”. Later in life, Ellen moved to London where she met her guy, Boleslaus, (known as Bill) Humienny in 1957. Bill who was stationed at London Naval Attachment, served in the NAVY on the U.S.S. IOWA, It was then they married in April 5th, 1958. Bill’s Mom, Olga & Dad, Stanley attended the Wedding in London traveling on the Queen Elizabeth II. Bill, who lived in Brooklyn, NY brought his newlywed, Ellen Humienny to the states where Bill’s Mom got them both an Apartment in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY. Bill stated “Ellen was the Greatest Wife you could ever imagine.” It was on September 15th, 1960 that they had a beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed son named Gary.
Ellen loved Crafts, Cooking, Decorating, Dancing and Travel, just to name a few. It was thru them Hobbies and Lifestyles that she met her new Friends. As time went on, Bill met many friends as well. Throughout the years they had Parties and gatherings on Holidays and special occasions. Ellen was great at organizing, decorating and cooking for the whole crew. She worked for 2 Banks as Manager, Bay Ridge Bank, which closed and then City Bank. She got impeccable glowing reviews from her Staff and Managers. When she retired, she continued on doing what she loved. That was helping others and giving them good sound advice in times of need.
Ellen was Wise, Humorous and she did not pull punches. If she liked you, she would tell you, if you made a mistake she would correct you, and if you done her wrong she would tell you to your face. Gary remembers what his Mom told him before he left to school one day. She said “No matter who tells you a secret, you never reveal that to no one, you keep it to yourself till the day you die.” And that she did.
Gary meets Diana Curia in 1989, and they get married in June 30th, 1991. “This was a Match in Heaven!” Finally, he met his Life Long Partner! Mom and Dad welcomed Diana and her Family into the circle as well as Diana’s Family did to them. Ellen continued doing what she loves, but now she joins a dancing Troupe, “The Tempo Tappers”. They got write ups in the Press, performed at Music Halls, Senior Citizen Centers and Dignitaries in which they received great accolades and awards.
Bill and Ellen continued arranging gatherings, going on Trips with friends and Associations that they belonged to and they were greeted and loved by all who have been lucky enough to be graced by their presence.